(Print Design, Direct Mail, Digital Advertising)


akron direct marketing

Founded in 1982 in Akron, Ohio, InfoCision has made a name for itself as an effective direct marketing company. InfoCision is a long-standing client for my team, and I had to familiarize myself with their brand standards, as well as joining a push from a growing number of decision-makers to modernize some of InfoCision’s collateral.

I worked closely with InfoCision’s in-house production facility to provide print-ready files for InfoCision in a variety of mediums: envelopes, stickers, letterheads, informational brochures, newsletters and various event promotion collateral. I also designed a template for InfoCision’s internal team to use to promote the company on LinkedIn, as well as some digital display ads to generate awareness for InfoCision’s presence at a popular marketing conference.

I also created direct mail letter packages for dozens of InfoCision’s direct mail clients. These usually included a mailer envelope, a letterhead with donation form, and a smaller return envelope.



“The Right Call”

The Right Call is a long-running, (mostly) quarterly internal newsletter. It provides company updates and announces awards for well-performing employees. Given the amount of copy provided for each issue and page, it could be difficult to come to a good and readable design that fit with InfoCision’s brand. The Right Call isn’t the most “cutting-edge” design work, but it is a good example of working within existing brand standards, and a project for which I received much praise from current and former employees of InfoCision. Below, you’ll see two front cover layouts, an internal articles page and a quarterly employee awards page.

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Employee Benefits Brochure

I created two versions of InfoCision’s 2019 Benefits Guide: one for salaried employees and the other for hourly employees. Each version had slightly different information, and each was provided in print-ready spread format for easy printing and binding, as well as single-page, small-file-size format for digital communication. Below is the cover layout I designed based on client feedback and using provided images, as well as an example of an internal page layout.

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Linkedin template

To give a more legitimate LinkedIn presence, InfoCision requested a handful of branded templates they could use to build images to share on LinkedIn. I designed the templates in Adobe Illustrator before re-creating them in Microsoft PowerPoint for easy editing by the client’s team. Below are four of those templates, followed by two live images built by the client’s team.

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