Global Rescue

(Motion Design, Web Design, Social Media Advertising)


Global peace of mind


Global Rescue is travel insurance for your health. Global Rescue contracted with my team to develop a campaign to market their worldwide medical evacuation, insurance & security extraction service via social media campaigns. We specifically targeted the parents of students who would soon be traveling abroad.

Global Rescue’s large scale and previous marketing efforts provided me with a rich well of photographic and video content to draw from in producing the motion ads to promote the service. I created three motion ads from existing interviews with Global Rescue clients, as well as provided and purchased photography. I also designed and built a series of static image advertisements and a landing page to capture lead information from interested potential customers, which placed those potential customers into Global Rescue’s sales funnel.


Global Rescue Landing Page


Social Media Advertisements

Below are five static image social media ads I designed to showcase the benefits of enrolling in Global Rescue’s services. I endeavored to create a sense of urgency in the viewer, without resorting to manipulative “fear-mongering” over their child’s upcoming “trip of a lifetime.”

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