Fully Loaded Chew

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An in-process Akron success story

Fully Loaded Chew is a local Akron business started by four friends in a garage. Their goal was to create “a tobacco-free chew that doesn’t suck.” Thus, Fully Loaded Chew was born. Since that founding a few years ago, Fully Loaded Chew has grown into a multi-million dollar company with a growing warehouse, production and fulfillment facility near downtown Akron, Ohio.

Fully Loaded hired my team through a mutual connection, and we have served as their branding and marketing arm since their inception. My team and I designed and assembled every aspect of their brand, products, online presence and marketing collateral.


Warning: lots of content ahead

Over two years, I have put hundreds of hours of work into Fully Loaded Chew’s graphic and web assets. I have attempted to include only the best examples on this page, yet still provide a full scope of the work completed.

The sections below are:

One | Fully Loaded on the Web

Two | Fully Loaded Visual Design

Three | Fully Loaded in Motion

One | Fully Loaded on the Web


Fully Loaded Chew had huge retail and wholesale aspirations, but first it needed to drum up buzz and demand, and to get its product out to the tens of thousands of dippers who wanted a satisfying tobacco-free dip.

The initial website I built was a Wordpress/WooCommerce integration, but Fully Loaded quickly outgrew those platforms. A good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.

FullyLoadedChew.com  as it looks today: an enterprise-level Shopify eCommerce site integrated with ShipStation.

FullyLoadedChew.com as it looks today: an enterprise-level Shopify eCommerce site integrated with ShipStation.


Shopify + ShipStation

Thus, the present-day Fully Loaded website was born. I built this website on Shopify’s eCommerce platform with numerous in-house customized applications. To efficiently process the hundreds of daily orders, I integrated the website with ShipStation fulfillment software. ShipStation’s automation rules and bulk processing provide simple shipping for Fully Loaded’s fulfillment team; customer orders are automatically assigned appropriate shipping methods (from select USPS and UPS methods) based on weight, product quantity/category and customer address.

I also added autoship functionality to the website. This allows for customers to subscribe to scheduled deliveries of products to be ordered automatically at a discount, and to modify those orders as frequently as they like.

Responsive Design + ease-of-use

The vast majority of Fully Loaded’s marketing is targeted toward social media and mobile advertising. As a result, more than 90% of Fully Loaded’s traffic comes from mobile devices. This meant that the website must be quick-loading to work on a variety of network speeds, and the images should be rich and inviting, yet not take up so much vertical space that the user has to scroll far to get to the main content of a page.

As Fully Loaded’s main web designer, it is my responsibility to see that the website performs optimally for users of every screen size. I have created almost every single image on the website and overseen the creation of assets created by other designers.


Email blasts

Though much of Fully Loaded’s audience are avid social media users, there are many customers who have little-to-no social media presence. Email blasts are a useful tool to communicate product launches and company updates. I designed this email to be sent to attendees of the 2019 Tobacco Plus Expo: a trade show at which Fully Loaded Chew exhibited to potential retail and wholesale customers.


Two | Fully Loaded Visual Design

Fully Loaded Chew is fun to design. It’s loud, it’s proud, and it’s in-your-face: much like its customer base.

Much of my involvement on the branding of Fully Loaded involves social media images, eCommerce design and photo editing. The branding itself was created by other members of my design team. Below, you’ll find samples of social posts and other assets I have created to further Fully Loaded’s brand and marketing.


The “Fully stocked Club”

Fully Loaded’s autoship subscribers are known as the “Fully Stocked Club.” They get access to exclusive discounts, early product launches and other updates before other customers. I designed the logo and collateral for the Fully Stocked Club sub-brand to give a feeling of exclusivity to the autoship customers, encouraging them to become and remain members.


(Various stages of logo ideation for the Fully Stocked Club logo and the initial moodboard for the sub-brand.)

The final “Fully Stocked Club” logo

The final “Fully Stocked Club” logo

(A small, paper insert to be sent with Fully Stocked Club orders. At only 5” tall, and containing multiple distinct messages to customers, much care was taken to give each section its own space and clarity.)

Click to enlarge.


Photo editing

I served as occasional photographer for Fully Loaded, participating in some initial shoots for product launches, (like the peach photo below) but my main role in Fully Loaded’s photography has been to edit, color-correct and prepare for website usage. Below are some of the product photos I have edited for Fully Loaded. (Click to enlarge)



Below is a sampling of images I have created for @fullyloadedchew on Instagram. Fully Loaded’s account has grown from zero followers to almost 50,000 as my team has managed the account. (Click to enlarge)


Retail/Wholesale spec sheet

Fully Loaded is in the process of expanding into retail locations across the United States and making deals with nationwide distributors. Below are a cover page and interior page from the spec sheet that is sent out to retail and wholesale partners with lists of products, UPC barcodes, their ingredients and shipping information. I was responsible for updating the design and contents of this spec sheet to reflect Fully Loaded’s expanded product line in spring 2019.



Three | Fully Loaded in Motion

Even simple animations tend to have higher engagement in advertisement (paid and organic) than still images. To that end, I created a series of short animations showcasing Fully Loaded Chew products. Below are two examples.


(A promotional video highlighting key selling points of Fully Loaded’s zero-nicotine, tobacco-free chew.)

(A short Instagram video revealing a new flavor to be released for sale.)