Blast fitness

(Graphic Design, Motion Design, Social Media)


Promoting a national fitness chain

Blast Fitness is a network of gyms all over the country. To compete with the competitors like Planet Fitness, Blast needed a lot of smart marketing work.

For my part in promoting the Blast Fitness brand, I created promotional posters for membership campaigns, social media image posts, merchandise design and brand expansion elements.



Blast Fitness Posters

Like many gyms, Blast Fitness ran monthly promotions on their membership costs to attract new members. Below are three posters I designed to promote such offers; the first two have a modern, “fun” design language, while the latter are more subdued and traditional.

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Blast “Force Training”

A guided fitness class with custom equipment, under the Blast Fitness brand. (Left: A floor-standing promotional banner)

(Promotional posters for Blast Force Training)


Motion Ads

To bring in as many new members as possible, Blast Fitness targeted various social media platforms with advertisements. Below are five short motion advertisements I designed: three vertical animations for Snapchat and two standard 16:9 animations for other platforms.


(Two Promotional Animations)

(Three Vertical Snapchat Animations)


Instagram images

Below are a sampling of the images I designed for the Blast Fitness Instagram account. Rather than sales-focused advertisements, Blast Fitness used Instagram as a community-building tool, engaging customers and potential customers with motivating quotes and fitness tips.

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Blast Flag Shirt